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December, 2009  

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A new Wordpress site
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For The First Time is a website built around a blog. Originally started as a pure blog hosted by Wordpress, within a year the blog turned into a business opportunity. With readership and subscriptions increasing, Sylvia Bereskin needed to maintain her blog, while at the same time directing readers and search engines to her business site. The solution was to combine the two on a self-hosted Wordpress site, and does just that.

Share you website with the world and ask your friends and readers to share it with their world too!
Molly Morris, December, 2009

The social networking world is exploding. Facebook has just reached 350 million active users with about 50% of those users logging in every day. Twitter usage has increased over 1,000% in the past year. One estimate of the number of YouTube videos currently online is about 1 billion. It seems like everybody has a blog. The world is getting smaller and smaller, which means getting the word out is easier and faster than ever before.

share.gifYou can use this smaller new world to your business advantage by not only sharing your website with the world, but asking your friends to share it with their worlds. And with free tools like AddThis it is easier than ever to do. Simply add a Share button to your website and with the click of a button, your users can share your content on their own social media networks, can email it to their friends, can bookmark your site - even share it in some places you may not yet know exist.

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