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June, 2009  

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GigPark - a new social referral site that's good for you and good for your business

When you need to find a good hougigpark.jpgse painter, real-estate agent or web designer, who are you most likely to ask? Your friends, naturally. Or maybe you’ll ask your friends if they have a friend who has recommended someone to them. That’s the concept behind GigPark – a service for getting recommendations, making recommendations, and getting your own business recommended. GigPark is a free web service (though, like everything, you have the option of paying for a “Pro” account) that connects you with friends, and friends-of-friends to share recommendations. 

To establish your community of friends, you can import your email address book from Gmail. Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo or other email clients, and see who’s already using GigPark, or invite them to join you. There is also a Facebook application that allows you to invite GigPark friends in your Facebook status.

So join me on GigPark. Recommend me if you can, or feel free to ask me for a recommendation!

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Building Your Email List to Increase Exposure
Molly Morris, June, 2009

It's much quicker to open an email that visit a website, and your clients know that. So, if you want to communicate new services, new products or information updates, you're much more likely to get noticed by proactively sending an email then by passively waiting for your site to be visited. it's Here are 5 ways of building your email list and making it work for you.

  1. Feature a sign-up form in a prominent place on your website – like your home page. Don’t hide it on the Contact page. Make it as simple as possible for people to sign up for your newsletter or email campaigns.

  2. Promote the benefits of signing up with your sign-up form. Consider posting an excerpt from your recent newsletter, or a testimonial from a subscriber.

  3. Offer an incentive for signing up, like a free sample or a complimentary consultation, or access to some web pages on your site that are only for “members”.
  4. Include “Send to Friend” options on all of your email campaigns, and consider using incentives like “Get a free something-or-rather for every 5 referrals. If you are using a newsletter service, then you will be able to track who is forwarding your email to whom.

  5. Add a “subscribe” link to your email signature.

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