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"Molly did a great job of helping us design a website individually suited to our needs and expectations. She was patient and professional throughout the project. We have received very favorable feedback from both existing and new clients and we would highly recommend Molly to anyone looking for a great website at a reasonable price."

(Amber R.)

"We had our website redone recently by memDesigns and it was a quick and easy experience. The site was delivered in promised period at the price quoted."

(Stan Z.)

Developing a website is not as hard as you might think.

What do you need in place before you can launch a website?

Web Design

From the technical aspect, there are three things you need: a registered domain name, a host, and a web designer. You can register a domain name online for $20.00 - $40.00 per year, and there are many reliable domain registration companies. You can have a site hosted for as little as $100 a year, depending on the size and complexity of your site. Next, is the web designer. This is the person who translates your ideas into an actual website. You can help us provide you with an accurate quote for your website design by answering these questions:

7 questions to ask yourself about your website needs

  1. Is the purpose of your website to educate, to sell a product, or both?
  2. Will you be selling anything electronically through your website, or is the point to bring customers to you, so that you can sell them your service?
  3. Roughly how many pages would you expect your website to be? Typically, there is the Home page, a Contact page, an "About the Company" page, (though sometimes that's incorporated into the Home page), and sometimes one or two information pages detailing specific areas of your service.
  4. Do you have graphics that you want incorporated into your site, and/or do you require new graphic elements to be designed?
  5. What is your timeline for a website launch?
  6. What is your budget for a website?
  7. Do you envision a website with static or dynamic material, or both? Some of the sites we do have very little information that changes over time, some have an element that changes every week or month and some change constantly. Our website maintenance packages can make it easy for you to keep you site up to date.

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